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The Bucket List and Living on Purpose

Living a life ‘on purpose’ can be best described as living with intention, willfully, deliberately, by design and consciously.We all live as if we have all the time in the world. Most of us get up each morning and repeat yesterday’s steps in the hope to get that little bit further and go a few steps farther.

Tips for Time Management and Goal Setting

These days it’s hard to set aside time to properly organize your goals and come up with action plans to achieve them. We personally were struggling for awhile with time and task management. It seemed like we had so many goals but no where to start and no idea how we were going to pay for it all.

How to Stay Motivated to Save and Invest

Saving and investing is one of the best ways to succeed financially but staying motivated is one of the blocks that stand in the way of saving. Here we look at ways to keep you motivated to save through using your goals.

Focus and Vision: Clarity for the Goal Setter

Yes, I am still kind of stuck on Oprah’s search for her new star. I watched a snippet of the show that gives people the opportunity to ‘battle it out’ and at the end, they will become the newest Oprah’s show host.

Your Crystal Ball

You have all the power within you to create a future you love. The magic lies within the decision to impact your future. You never need a fortune teller or crystal ball…you already see your future.

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